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Alien Pimp Releases Stomping Hardcore Single ‘Fauci Fashion’!

Silviu Costinescu has been often described as a jack of all trades. Not only does he run several record labels, including DubKraft Records, but he is also a DJ, producer, writer, and videographer. Always one to let his creativity shine, Silviu Costinescu has released music under several aliases, including Alien Pimp. Alien Pimp allows him to experiment with harder, raw sounds, and it has resulted in some incredible releases, such as his latest track, ‘Fauci Fashion’, released alongside several others in his latest EP titled ‘Abducted By Humans (The Corona Chronicles)’.

Released as a call-back to “Harlem Shake”, Alien Pimp has brought out his less-serious, more entertaining side for ‘Fauci Fashion’. With hypnotic-like lyrics and a driving tempo, you can’t help but get lost in the sounds when taking a listen to this track. Alien Pimp utilizes a fast tempo to keep your heart rate up along with using stomping kicks to get your sound systems thumping. An overall great production with a diverse tone, Alien Pimp has proved his worth once again with this release.

View the official music video below and grab your copy here.

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