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Amél Launches Manitou Records With New Single ‘Close To Me’

Today marks the anticipated release of ‘Close To Me’, a vibrant future house track by the talented American artist Amél. This latest offering is poised to electrify EDM festivals and parties worldwide with its infectious beats and energetic vibe.

What makes this release even more special is its launch on the brand-new label Manitou Records. Founded earlier this year by Amél himself, Manitou Records serves as a beacon of innovation within the EDM industry. As a sublabel of Afrojack‘s renowned WALL Recordings, Manitou Records promises to deliver cutting-edge sounds that push the boundaries of electronic music.

The label’s name, Manitou, draws inspiration from Amél‘s own heritage. Hailing from the majestic Colorado mountains and tracing his roots to Native American ancestors, Amél pays homage to a civilization deeply connected to nature’s beauty and harmony. This profound connection echoes throughout his music, infusing it with authenticity and depth.

‘Close To Me’ embodies the essence of Amél‘s musical journey, combining pulsating rhythms with melodic hooks to create a masterful experience. Its infectious energy is a testament to Amél‘s talent and creativity, earning him recognition and support from industry heavyweights like Afrojack, Martin Garrix, and many more.

In his own words: “This might be one of my favorite tracks. It’s been waiting to be released for so long, and Ican’twait to finally share it with the world!”

With a promising trajectory ahead and the backing of influential figures in the EDM scene, Amél is poised to make waves as one of America’s brightest musical talents. ‘Close To Me’ is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for this young artist.

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