AmPm Release New Single ‘Amsterdam’ In Time For ADE 2021!

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AmPm Release New Single ‘Amsterdam’ In Time For ADE 2021!

This week, after over 18 months of waiting, the electronic music industry juggernaut that is the Amsterdam Dance Event finally opens its doors to a waiting world. To celebrate, and with impeccable timing, masked production duo AmPm drop the latest single from their city-themed series, ‘Amsterdam’, out now on AVEX (Japan/Asia) and TurnItUp Muzik (ROW).  

Since their debut in 2017, the Japanese duo have found widespread global success, with collaborations with 26 vocalists from 11 countries in Asia and around the world. Accompanied by a music video that captures the spirit of the Netherlands’ famed capital city, new track ‘Amsterdam’ follows in the footsteps of previous AmPm singles ‘Tokyo’, ‘New York City’ and ‘Jakarta’.  

A beautiful tech-house track that strays into the deeper elements of the genre while still retaining a lighter, more chilled, melodic side, ‘Amsterdam’ sees the masked duo paying obvious tribute to a city considered by many as one of the key epicentres of dance music: 

Amsterdam is one of our favorite cities,” the pair confirmed, “and for the past few years we have participated in the Amsterdam Dance Event, a dance music festival that is held in October – so during the fall season, we have a lot of fond memories of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a compact city that is nonetheless rich in nature and tradition, and dance music is deeply ingrained in the culture. We wanted to capture this on our track. 

The pandemic has prevented us from joining ADE this year, but we’re happy we can release this track with our partners in the Netherlands. This wet and windy season is another part of the Amsterdam experience, and we have tried to produce a piece of dance music that goes great with those conditions – so please take a listen while thinking of Amsterdam.” 

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