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Amr Salah Mahmoud Delivers Once Again With ‘Reality’!

Following on from his solid productions ‘You & Me’ and ‘Hug Me’, Egyptian producer Amr Salah Mahmoud released his next disco number ‘Reality’. Amr Salah Mahmoud is no stranger to the electronic music scene, producing for over 10 years. Lately, he has decided to take it to the next level in terms of his career as he aims to get his music heard all across the world. There is no reason as to why that is not achievable with the production quality that he has.

‘Reality’ keeps that signature disco and house style that we expect from Amr Salah Mahmoud‘s productions. The track kicks off with infectious chords that are soon joined by harmonious male vocals backed by divine pads, a plucky guitar and a smooth saxophone. The track as a whole also boasts a clean mix as Amr Salah Mahmoud make excellent use of panning and stereo separation; specifically; giving the saxophones and guitars their own space in the chorus, allowing both elements to breathe easily. With funky drops and infectious melodies, his style seamlessly blends between modern dance music and classic dance sounds, creating original music that feels both new and familiar.

Stream this single below.

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