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Amr Salah Mahmoud Doesn’t Disappoint With Remix Of ‘Cuba’!

Back in the 1980’s, computers and technology started to become popular. A simple musician at the time, Amr Salah Mahmoud started falling in love with music production. As he grew older, he started building his own studio with the assistance of specialists within the audio industry. Twenty years has passed since then and the passion for music has never left, which he showed us naming his single ‘I Need The Music’. Continuing to produce his own music, Amr Salah Mahmoud has vowed to treat us to many more new songs in the coming years.

This remix of ‘Cuba’ shows off the signature style of Amr Salah Mahmoud to perfection. Once we hit play we are greeted to soulful vocal samples and groovy synths that will definitely get your feet tapping and head bopping. As the remix progresses, more funky and groovy synths and sounds are added to take this level to the next level. Press play on this remix and let your mind take you to that disco place.

Stream this single below.

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