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Amr Salah Mahmoud Makes Statement With ‘I Need The Music’!

Fresh from the oven, Egyptian producer Amr Salah Mahmoud is treating us to yet another quality disco house hybrid production. When chatting to Amr Salah Mahmoud, he claimed that after 20 years of being involved in the music industry, the passion and love for music has not left him, which has led to him naming this single ‘I Need The Music’ as that is his feeling towards the industry. He makes a statement with this single that is sure to get your feet moving as his signature disco sound is in full effect.

The ever present use of bongos and old school synths really add nice groove elements to ‘I Need The Music’. As we progress through the track, even more disco and house elements are added to the mix with Amr Salah Mahmoud adding the catchy lyrics “I need the music, the music is my drug. The bass is running, running through my blood”, which makes this track memorable. The track flows between each sections ever so seamlessly which adds to the overall groove incredibly well.

Stream this single below.

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