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Andrea Godin & Starkillers Unite Once Again On The Amazing ‘Zilliqa’!

Having already proved to be a match made in heaven with their previous releases together ‘Your Love’, ‘Running’, ‘Wherever You Go’, among others, Andrea Godin and Starkillers are back once again to further cement their status as a power pairing. Showcasing their ability to work as a team once again, these two ever-rising artists bring us another major dancefloor hit titled ‘Zilliqa’, another welcome addition to both of their catalogs.

Not only bringing innovation when they step into the studio, but now with the introduction of cryptocurrency ZIL, they’re taking on an entirely new approach that merges their passion for music and technology together in one unbeatable package: ‘Zilliqa’.

As mentioned before, this tune is a major dancefloor hit, with Andrea Godin and Starkillers utilizing big synths, moving basslines, and a four on the floor beat to really grip the listeners attention and get them dancing no matter when or where they may be listening. The smart use of synths and sounds through out makes sure this one stays fresh and will have the listener playing on repeat for hours and days on end.

Stream this single below.

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