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Andrean Sherrnx Reimagines Viral Hit ‘Glue’ By Bicep With Epic Remix!

Originally released in 2017 as part of their self-titled album ‘Bicep’, the melodic breakbeat masterpiece, ‘Glue’, took a couple of years to truly captivate the electronic dance music scene. Its captivating soundscapes drew listeners in from the very beginning, and its entrancing melody kept them hooked. It’s no surprise that this single became the hit that it did, and now it’s getting a fresh lease of life thanks to Andrean Sherrnx.

Presenting his latest remix, Andrean Sherrnx has taken the original breakbeat track and given it a vibrant four-on-the-floor makeover. While he hasn’t strayed too far from what made the original so amazing, he subtly tweaks the rhythm and groove, breathing new life into the track and offering a fresh experience for listeners to enjoy all over again.

Andrean Sherrnx is a talented young French/Sri Lankan producer who recently graduated from the prestigious Abbey Road Studios in London as both a Sound Engineer and a Music Producer. His hard work, determination, and boundless creativity have found expression through countless hours spent in the studio, and this won’t be the last you hear of him. He’s poised to release plenty more music in the future.

Stream this remix below.

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