Andrew Southworth Releases Fantastic Track ‘Without You’!

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Andrew Southworth Releases Fantastic Track ‘Without You’!

After promising us last month with new music every 2-4 weeks, Massachusetts based music producer Andrew Southworth has delivered once again. He may be known mostly for his YouTube channel where he teaches metal vocal lessons, runs sound design experiments, and reviews music gear but in 2019, he is planning to get known as a producer.

His previous single ‘Save Me’ was the start of a new direction for Andrew Southworth as a producer, with ‘Without You’ being the perfect follow up. In collaboration with producer Neutron Inv, beautiful synths are matched with stunning vocals that are sure to get stuck in your head after you’ve finished listening. The vocals take up the main aspect of this single, but they are backed up by powerful and soaring synths and bass lines which are sure to get your feet moving. Keep a close eye on this producer as he has vowed to release more music in the coming months.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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