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Andy Ellis Releases Synthwave And Electro Pop Fusion Titled ‘Flower Punk Girl’

Over the past couple of years, the retro sounding genre of synthwave has been making its way back into the spotlight. Made famous through its use in action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks in the 1980s, synthwave began to die out a little with the sounds of rock and pop taking over. However, the use of this style by The Weekend on his chart topping single ‘Blinding Lights’ catapulted the popularity of this genre back up and it has been riding a way of momentum ever since. Now bringing us a fantastic synthwave track we’ve got Andy Ellis.

Titled ‘Flower Punk Girl’, this single is the creation of Andy Ellis, a creative music producer who has been in love with the genre ever since he was a child in the 80s. When listening to this single you can hear the authentic and imaginative mind of Andy Ellis burst to life as the electronic synths meet high tempo rhythmic drum sounds, all topped off perfectly with an amazing vocal number.

“I’m a child of the 80s and 90s and consider “Flower Punk Girl” to be the first real synthwave track I’ve made. For the longest time as a producer, I felt that I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of the things I do in this track, sounds and techniques that people were like, nah man that just sounds dated, or nah too 80s dude; a sound like the over-the-top low-tuned gated-reverb snare that goes “doooosh,” the chugging 8th notes on a synth bass with a flanger on it, or just ripping an improvised guitar solo leaning on the whammy bar.” said Andy Ellis.

“For me, the punk rock element started right there with this defiant attitude: “Fuck you, I’m gonna do all these things I’ve been told since 1991 I can’t do anymore!” So the whole process of writing and recording the song was liberating, even though it was genre-specific.” he continued.

Stream this single below.

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