A.R.B. Delights With Fantastic Ethnic-Infused Single ‘Desert Dawn’!

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A.R.B. Delights With Fantastic Ethnic-Infused Single ‘Desert Dawn’!

The artistic journey of A.R.B. has just begun but in that short time, he has showcased his talents for the world to see. Releasing your first-ever single can be daunting for some but A.R.B. took that pressure and thrived on it, delivering a brilliant first single titled ‘Do You Love Me?’ which created the perfect first impression for his audience. Released towards the tail end of 2020, A.R.B. has taken the momentum and built on it with his now first release of 2021 titled ‘Desert Dawn’.

Having premiered an elegant progressive yet chill and deep signature style, his new one is more of the same, but with a somewhat ethnic direction. The Canadian uses a journey-like layout to entice the listener, building, and building as the track progresses. Main elements are used throughout that are perfect for the style used and when combined with the small elements that A.R.B. layers up, it makes for an incredible production.

Stream this single below.

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