Ma:it Makes Incredible Debut With Stunning New Track ‘Bad Feeling’!

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Ma:it Makes Incredible Debut With Stunning New Track ‘Bad Feeling’!

Ma:it is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene, having previously released under the name of Made:IT with the likes of ‘Bigger Than The Night’, released in 2017, bringing in almost 200,000 streams on Spotify. Now ready to make a fresh start, Made:IT had not released a new track since 2018 and decided 2021 would be a fresh start with a new name, Ma:it. Now making his, now second, debut, Ma:it delivers in grand style with the release of ‘Bad Feeling’.

Mostly working under the deep and tropical house banner, the Danish producer brings that style over onto the new alias but gives it a more club-driven aim with a sultry piano-led production. Swapping the chill and tropical synths for innovative piano and saxophone synths makes for a brilliant single and that’s exactly what ‘Bad Feeling’ is. With this single, there’s not doubt that Ma:it has kickstarted this new alias in epic fashion and the momentum is sure to keep rolling as new music comes out in the coming months.

Stream this single below.

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