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Pink Panda Presents The Plan Perfect – Offense EP!

Deep down in the rainforests of China, the members of an ancient Panda tribe restlessly live their lives. A long-lost Pink Panda Family treasure was stolen from them almost a millennium ago when the PFAM (Panda Family) was at war with the forest’s self-proclaimed King over musical differences. 

A spell was cast over the family’s treasure by the King almost 50 generations past, when he was defeated by the Pink Panda ancestors and forced back in his Temple, injured badly. Before he took his last breath, he hid the belongings he stole from them during their fight in his haunted Temple of Boom and locked them in an encrypted music box. It was this family treasure that gave the Pink Panda tribe their rhythm and joy in life.

The spell could only be broken if identical Pink Panda twins born from the PFAM would manage to open the box before a thousand years would pass. When all hope seemed to be gone, finally the time came that identical Panda Twins were born: Offense & Defense.

In the first chapter of this epic Pink Panda quest, named Plan Perfect – Offense, it is time for Pink Panda to create a Plan Perfect and win back the long-lost family treasure, to once again be able to compose and produce their very own Panda tunes. PP must team up with SanJin, local bounce DJ born and raised in Xi’An, creating the ultimate entourage PFAM. Pink Panda then enlists warrior princess Lizzy Wang, #1 ranked DJ in China by DJane Magazine, who can Scream Out Loud!. and overcome the hardest challenges with them. Using their incredible synchronicity as twins will allow the Pink Pandas to function as a Time Keeper in order to successfully fulfill this quest in time. Finally, alongside high energy eclectic performer DJ Junior, and  Italian International artis Aurya with a dreamy magnetic voice, they are elevated to the necessary heights to achieve and surf the skies as Air King.

But the journey doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning for PFAM as they continue on to regain their lost family treasure and bring back peaceful lives filled with musicality to the Panda tribe.

“Plan Perfect – Offense” – Pink Panda is the first EP released by BAMBOOTY RECORDS exclusively licensed to Sony Music. It collects five tracks: Plan Perfect, PFAM, Scream Out Loud!, Time Keeper, and Air King.

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