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Athena Reunites With smle For RLCS Spring Major Anthem ‘Moment’ On Monstercat!

Team Envy’s leading Rocket League content creator and budding singer-songwriter Athena has joined forces yet again with Grammy-nominated producer duo smle for their powerful new single, “Moment.” Soundtracking this year’s Rocket League Championship Series Spring Major, the melodic bass tune appears in the event’s official Trailer and in-game for players everywhere today. Athena’s polished vocals and empowering lyricism are taking her career as an artist to new heights, while smle’s hard-hitting anthemic drops bring the adrenaline to the Copper Box Arena.

Athena and smle share, “We got together during the RLCS Winter Major here in LA with the intention of making a definitive theme song for LAN and moreso for the players. Something epic and also hopeful, something that people hear years later and instantly are taken back to LAN. The song is inherently urging you to stay present and focus on what’s in front of you. We as people are usually at our best when it’s just us and the moment. We truly believe esports are going to be a lasting part of history, so as die-hard fans of the game and esports as a whole, we wanted to be a part of it all and leave our stamp on the community.”

Following today’s announcement, “Moment” will be available as a Player Anthem in the Rocket League Item Shop from July 17-18. This won’t be the last batch of music from Athena and smle, as both are working on exciting releases due out this year. Until then, catch smle live at the Lost In Dreams festival this October, where their set will be a “moment” not to be missed.

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