Audax Debuts On The Brazilian Label CONTROVERSIA With ‘Between Us’!

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Audax Debuts On The Brazilian Label CONTROVERSIA With ‘Between Us’!

Impressing fans and DJs on the global electronic music scene with the latest releases, Audax now makes its CONTROVERSIA debut with ‘Between Us’ further demonstrating its dominance and versatility with new identity sounds.

The brothers Pedro, André, and João, responsible for the project, looked for references in musical composition and production in projects like Monolink, Jan Blomqvist, and Ben Bohmer, and decided to bring a more sophisticated sound to their latest songs. Full of arpeggios and a strong concept, ‘Between Us’ promises to surprise audiences. “It is a little softer in relation to the drop, but it has a well-defined concept,” they explain.

As the name of the song says, the lyrics speak precisely of the existence of something special between two people. “We want to explore this concept a lot, even in a video clip. We made all the music around the vibe of the voice, which was already more introspective, spatial, and traveled. And we wanted to come up with an instrument that could capture and magnify that vibe”, describes André, singer of Audax.

Featuring eye-catching arpeggios from the beginning to the end of the track, referring to the characteristics of a more classy song, ‘Between Us’ brings a strong construction and evolution of sound throughout the track. “In the second build, you can see an arpeggio that starts at a beat and accelerates, this helps to create a great emotion or tension, I think it’s one of the cherries on the cake of this song”, says João.

“Another element that is worth mentioning is the guitar that Pedro recorded. It is a slightly different guitar and it is already present at the beginning of the song. We love to put guitars and organic elements in our songs, even because of our musical basis”, complete the brothers.

DJs and producers who have spent the period of the pandemic developing a new sound identity for Audax guarantee that there is plenty of fun to come. “There is a collaboration to come out with Santti, another with Hotway, some great partnerships that are taking place but we can’t talk about yet, ongoing international collaborations, a song that follows the vein of ‘You Are The One’ that you will be able to listen to shortly, in addition to other original songs. We want to further develop this sound that we present to you, trying to innovate and surprise you. Stay tuned!”

The consistent pace of releases with big names from the world electronic music scene marked the last two years of the label that is headed by the world’s # 5 DJ and producer, the Brazilian Alok. CONTROVERSIA currently has more than 425 million streams on Spotify and more than 200 million views on YouTube, which further demonstrates the strength of the label.

So be sure to check out Audax‘s CONTROVERSIA debut and listen to ‘Between Us’, now available on all major digital platforms.

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