AVIRA And Kiko Franco Deliver Spell-Binding Collaboration ‘Ocean’ ft. Nathan Nicholson!

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AVIRA And Kiko Franco Deliver Spell-Binding Collaboration ‘Ocean’ ft. Nathan Nicholson!

Working together in perfect harmony, Canadian melodic innovator AVIRA and Brazilian rising star Kiko Franco fuse their signature sounds in a poignant collaboration, ‘Ocean’ featuring Nathan Nicholson – out now on Armada Music

Opening with Nathan’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, dramatic percussion and cosmic synths are introduced, before unleashing a raw and progressive bassline that pushes the track into a dance-ready dimension. Ebbing and flowing with breakdowns and peaks, this masterful cut marries dark and light elements to achieve a multi-layered sonic environment that perfectly balances the two producers’ globally adored sounds. Setting the bar high with their debut collaboration, this dynamic duo will leave listeners eager to hear what else they have in store for future joint productions.

Ocean is the love child of myself, Kiko and Nathan Nicholson. I’ve been a huge fan of Kiko’s sound for some time, and Nathan is a very familiar voice to me that was a pleasure to work with. Ocean expresses how it has felt to be in the studio over the past couple of years. We’re all dying to be with the crowds, and I think we captured a bit of that energy we’ve been missing in our lives.” – AVIRA

Ocean is an inspirational song, with a beautiful vocal and strong lyrics. We took the epic and melodic sounds straight to the point, and it became a progressive banger for the dancefloors.” – Kiko Franco

“It’s about someone who’s emotionally stranded and lost, but through the bleakness knows they’re loved and looked out for – there to shelter and comfort. Josha Daniel and I wrote this back in late spring before handing it over to AVIRA and Kiko Franco to work their magic and bring the song to life.” – Nathan Nicholson

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