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AXMO Are ‘Back Again’ With New Banger

AXMO are back at it again with their third release in as many months. The German DJ and Producer duo
continue to impress on their journey to make 2024 their most productive year to date. With ‘Back Again’
these two truly have proven once again that they know how to make uplifting dance floor fillers.

With their euphoric sound between big room, happy hardcore and trance, AXMO have been impressing
ever since their inaugural release in 2020. This time the W&W protégés have taken the tempo down ever
so slightly, but have added a plethora of emotion and passion. Piano chords and plucky electric guitar
sounds lead the way into the breaks and form the perfect frame for vocals full of hopefulness and joy.
Since it wouldn’t be a real AXMO release without plenty of energy, the drops offer up punchy kicks and
addicting plays on the catchy melody. What’s not to love?

With ‘Back Again’, AXMO add to their stunning portfolio of top-notch Rave Culture releases. This one is
sure to be a staple of the upcoming 2024 festival season and will certainly have crowds all over the world
sing along.

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