Ayejax The Great Delivers Smooth And Groovy Single ‘Facetime’!

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Ayejax The Great Delivers Smooth And Groovy Single ‘Facetime’!

Ayejax The Great is a diverse artist with tons of creativity and inspiration when he steps into the studio. His creativity shines through as not only does he dip his toes into the dance and pop music world, but he also has an alter-ego in the rap scene. With this kind of diversity and step outside the box attitude, it’s no surprise when he comes up with a great release. This is proved by Ayejax The Great‘s latest single, ‘Facetime’, a smooth groovy dance number with vocals from the man himself.

Using a smooth tempo, Ayejax The Great combines his memorable and catchy vocals with sexy instruments that carry the single perfectly. The sultry piano hook combined with a groovy bassline leads to a dancey number and with Ayejax The Great‘s smooth and catchy vocals, ‘Facetime’ is sure to be a hit with fans of dance music all across the globe. With this being his last release of 2020, we are waiting for Ayejax The Great to return in 2021 with more great releases.

Stream this single below.

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