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Backbenchers Kickstart 2022 With Wonderful New Single ‘Neon Soul’!

At just 19 years old, Backbenchers have already made a splash in the electronic dance music scene in such a short time. The Burmese duo made their debut in 2019 with ‘On Fire’ and have not looked back since. As young producers, they are still dedicating a lot of time in the studio to discover their own signature sound but as they’ve released music over the past 2 years you can hear their sound grow. Mainly working within the big room house genre, the duo last year started to infuse some bass and electro sounds into their productions with their first single of 2022 being an example of that.

Always striving to create and deliver new and fresh sounds, the duo came up with ‘Neon Souls’. The finished product is a track that contains a massive amount of power but it’s in the synth-work where it truly shines. Using a choppy style rhythm and pairing it with eclectic synths, the duo managed to create a main room anthem that will destroy and dance floor it’s played on. The track is taken to the next level with its vocals as it adds a sense of memorability and gives the listener something catchy to cling to right away on the first listen. With new music blending all sorts of sounds and styles coming soon, the future is a very bright one for Backbenchers.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

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