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BIJOU Calls Upon BADVOID For Explosive Remix Of ‘Rockstar’ ft. Tony Watts!

Pushing his sound forward and unraveling his musical envelope to the world is a trait that comes naturally to Australian producer BADVOID. In 2021, this rising producer has been shocking the music industry one bass-fueled beat at a time. From his electrifying remix of WE ARE FURY’s ‘Remember’ to resurrecting the bass scene with his hypnotizing collaboration with ZABO on ‘ASYLUM’, BADVOID naturally weaves his way through levels of both chill-tempo and bass-induced madness to lure his listeners into his world of pure experimentation. Displaying no signs of slowing down, BADVOID is taking full control of the dancefloor as he remixes BIJOU’s ‘Rockstar’ featuring Tony Watts.

Released on DND Records, BADVOID immediately lures listeners in with floor-shaking bass and spine-chilling frequencies which whip through the speakers in order to alert listeners that this talented artist has arrived. With danger in sight, the high-pitched instrumentals quickly take over alongside Tony Watts energetic vocals. Providing an out-of-this-world experience as bass-infused madness quickly erupts, BADVOID is resurrecting the bass music scene with this energetic remix.

Stream this remix below.

Traveling to another dimension is a natural occurrence when BADVOID hits the stage. Riding his own wave in the music industry since the very first day, BADVOID delivers his dark, mystic, and bass-fueled journey which only transforms further through his constant drive of exploration and innovation. When listeners become one with BADVOID’s signature futuristic sound with glitches of madness along the ride, you already know you are in for a treat when this Australia-based producer takes full control. Previously known as Notorious CHRIS, at only 20 years old this rising producer has garnered support from labels such as the Barong Family, BUYGORE, and many more. Recently throwing down during his headline show at Ambassador Hotel in Mackay, BADVOID has also been on fire with a series of festival-ready releases including his forward-thinking ‘ENTER THE VOID’ EP and a bass dosage flip of Nero’s ‘Satisfy’.

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