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Bisaria Treats Us To Amazing Electronic-Infused Single ‘Waiting’!

Ani Bisaria, better known by his stage name Bisaria, is an American DJ and producer from Boca Raton, Florida. In a world where ideas and styles seem all too similar, Bisaria has been able to craft his own signature style that is very hard to find anyone else doing similar. Ever since his debut single ‘Impressions’ was released in 2016, he has been treating to a number of amazing singles and EPs and he is showing no signs of slowing down. As we close out the year, we take a look back on Bisaria‘s only release of the year, the unique and fantastic ‘Waiting’.

When you first take a listen to this single you may feel that it sounds familiar but as the single progresses you will quickly realize that it is not like anything you’ve heard of before. Taking heavy inspiration from electronic music and blending that with elements of electro and house, ‘Waiting’ is a unique piece of production that showcases the skills of Bisaria perfectly. Each sound and synth used within this production is perfectly crafted and placed within the mix to bring the best out of each sound and when it all comes together you will be blown away.

Stream this single below.

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