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Bonsche Brings Us On An Electronic Journey With New Single ‘Get Down (Free Your Mind)’!

Bonsche, the electronic musician from Norderstedt, Germany, introduces his latest single, ‘Get Down (Free Your Mind)’, a pure EDM gem pulsating at 120 BPM. This track, born from Bonsche‘s journey through electronic music, has evolved into a powerhouse of straightforward yet compelling beats, fueled by robust synths and commanding drums.

As a musician, producer, and audio engineer, Bonsche operates his own studio, where he meticulously crafts his EDM soundscapes. ‘Get Down (Free Your Mind)’ not only showcases his production prowess but also highlights his skills in mixing, mastering, and cover art creation. With a focus on strong beats, drums & bass, and the infusion of voice samples and synth lines, Bonsche‘s music is a dynamic blend of elements, including electric and acoustic guitar nuances that add a touch of versatility.

Beyond the beats, Bonsche‘s musical journey extends to hit singles like ‘Broken’, boasting over 100k streams on Spotify, and his debut album, ‘The Gap’. ‘Get Down’ is an invitation to break free from the ordinary, surrender to the rhythm, and embark on a euphoric escape into the world of Bonsche‘s EDM. It’s not just a song; it’s a sonic journey, a liberating experience for minds ready to be set free on the dance floor.

Stream this single below.

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