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Bonsche Follows Up With Another Great Single ‘I Dont Miss You’!

Making music from a young age, German musician and audio engineer Bonsche has been treating us to a quality string of releases since the start of 2018. Since his very successful single ‘Dark Mood’, he has gained over 8 million streams online as he has released 8 singles in the past 12 months. Playing several instruments and also singing, he incorporates unique and original sounds into his releases to really show of his range as a musician.

Following up on his previous single ‘Just Me’, Bonsche shows off his talents as a producer as he fills the single with tons of unique sounds and patterns which are sure to draw your eyes towards the creativity. A true journey single, this song takes you on a ride through the motions as you find yourself progressing through the single. This creativity of this single makes it perfect for personal listening no matter what day or time it is.

Stream the single below and grab your copy here.

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