Bonsche Opens Up His Catalog For 2022 With The Brilliant ‘Follow Me’!

Bonsche Opens Up His Catalog For 2022 With The Brilliant ‘Follow Me’!

Looking back on past years, it’s hard to say which one has been the most important for Bonsche. Ever since 2018, he has been constantly churning out some amazing pieces of electronic music, with each year being just as pivotal as the one that came before. With over 5 releases every year, Bonsche is entering 2022 with some major momentum and he capitalizes on it perfectly with the release of ‘Follow Me’.

Yet another dose of electronic goodness, this single incorporates that authentic yet electronic sound that we’ve come to love from Bonsche. The single is built around a beat and bassline ebbs and flows throughout with some brilliantly selected and placed synths scattered as the track progresses. The amazing aspect of this song is that it contains elements and sounds that very few artists would imagine combining, leading to a wonderful end result and an amazing way for Bonsche to kick off 2022.

bonsche is a musician, producer and audio engineer from Norderstedt/Germany. He is running his own studio and creates EDM using several synths, samples, and his own recordings and is also doing mixing and mastering by himself as also the cover art. His music is focused on strong beats, drums & bass, several voice samples and synth lines as ear candy, and also electric and acoustic guitar. ‘People In The Back’ is his recent creation with a driving bass and some great vocal lines.

Stream this single below.

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