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Bonsche Releases Another Great Single ‘Summertime Pie’!

Music producer and audio engineer Bonsche from Germany has been releasing gems for several months now, including the successful ‘Cry Baby’, ‘OMG’ and ‘I Don’t Miss You’ which have amassed over 1 million online streams combined. Bonsche focuses his productions on strong beats, drums & bass influences with several voice samples and synth lines as ear candy along with electric and acoustic guitar riffs. His latest release ‘Summertime Pie’ is about the good vibes of summer – sun, beach, fun and relaxing vibes.

‘Summertime Pie’ begins with break beat style drum work which are then joined by catchy vocals. As the production progresses Bonsche adds more authentic sounds which add tons of feel-good tones to the overall single. This single progresses very seamlessly which makes for a very easy and enjoyable listening experience and is a credit to Bonsche‘s song writing skills. Bonsche is looking toward the future which includes many more new singles coming soon so make sure to follow his Soundcloud page here.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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