bonsche Treats Us To Another High Quality Single Entitled ‘Hell-o?’

bonsche Treats Us To Another High Quality Single Entitled ‘Hell-o?’

bonsche is a veteran music producer and audio engineer from Germany with over 10 years of experience under his belt. Currently working in his own own studio using Ableton Live 10 and gear from Adam AudioBehringerBeyerdynamic and more, he has been creating electronic dance music for several years. Across 2019 he has been releasing a multitude of gems including the successful ‘Cry Baby’, ‘OMG’  and ‘I Don’t Miss You’  which have accumulated over 1 million streams combined. bonsche focuses his productions on strong beats, drums & bass influences with several voice samples and synth lines as ear candy along with electric and acoustic guitar riffs.

For ‘Hell-o?’, bonsche incorporates that signature style that we’ve grown to love over the past several months. bonsche kicks off the single in a unique way by incorporating a monster-like vocal sample with an infectious topline melody that sets the tone for the remainder of the single. As the single progresses, bonsche injects energy with a deep-lying guitar bass that takes up the depth of the single. Yet another great single which tops of an incredible year for this artist.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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