bonsche Unveils Fifth Single Of 2021, The Awesome ‘Slow Down’!

bonsche Unveils Fifth Single Of 2021, The Awesome ‘Slow Down’!

Finding the right balance between quality and quantity can be a tough task for producers and artists alike. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for bonsche as he constantly treats us to some splendid productions at a high rate that is tough to compare to any other artist out there. After 6 tracks in 2019 and 7 tracks in 2020, we are only 5 months into the new year and bonsche has just delivered his fifth single in the form of ‘Slow Down’.

bonsche is a musician, producer, and audio engineer from Norderstedt/Germany. He is running his own studio and creates EDM using several synths, samples, and own recordings and is also doing mixing and mastering by himself as also the cover art. His music is focused on strong beats, drums & bass, several voice samples, and synth lines as ear candy along with electric and acoustic guitars. As these past four years have shown, bonsche continuously works hard in the studio and it shows with each of his releases.

bonsche showcases his genuine sound once again with ‘Slow Down’. The German producer uses authentic sounds in a creative and fun way that bleeds over for the listeners to enjoy. As the single progresses, bonsche incorporates a robotic style vocals and combines them with electronic elements that fit perfectly together. Yet another great production, we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next!

Stream this single below.

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