Bougenvilla Debut On Hardwell’s Revealed Records With ‘Bubblegum’!

Bougenvilla Debut On Hardwell’s Revealed Records With ‘Bubblegum’!

Rotterdam’s finest Bougenvilla bring us a true banger, this time coming to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings for a lip-smacking anthem of epic proportion called ‘Bubblegum’!

Deep vocals that simmer and submerge, elastic synthlines get things tense before a shout of “everybody get down!” instigates proceedings for everything to lift off! Jump-launching into space, an intergalactic atmosphere of big-room energy, ‘Bubblegum’ is ready to pop the bubble on normality, thanks to riveting tempos, swelling rhythms, and an eruption of energy, make no mistake, Bougenvilla is here to make the dancefloor move and their latest release does it like no other!

“We are stoked to make our debut on Revealed with Bubblegum. Bubblegum is the ultimate sugarfree club weapon which can pop in any seconds and will make every dancefloor go wild.” said Bougenvilla

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