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Bruno Furlan Will Make You Feel ‘The Rhythm’ With His Slick And Catchy House Release

Known for his incredibly dynamic array of club-equipped tech house releases, Bruno Furlan is a one-man show who’s traveled across multiple continents to spread his renowned signature house style. Now he returns for “The Rhythm,” a single which doesn’t stray far from his roots, yet pushes the envelope in areas of design, arrangement, and overall track personality.

“The Rhythm,” is packed full of surprises. An infectiously soulful vocal topline acts as a centerpiece of the release, with the other key focus being the mysteriously heavy basslines darting at listeners at the familiar pace of 128BPM. Bruno Furlan has brought forth a house banger that will push a live set to a peak and elevate the club to another level. From start to finish, the song flows with a natural grace while also being dotted with plenty of sonic cues fans will recognize as Bruno Furlan’s unique natural touch.

Bruno Furlan is an aficionado of the tech house sound. His catalog includes a variety of sub-genres influenced from the many corners of the tech house world. Past releases feature Latin styles, others showcase exotic/jungle vibes, while many stick with a classic, catchy attitude that’s at the core of what makes tech house great. With this said, all are uniquely connected by a specific energy best described as Bruno Furlan’s signature style.

With over 200K monthly listeners, 12 million collective streams just on Spotify, and label releases on Hot Creations, Black Book Records, Ditrybird, Club Sweat, Bruno Furlan has crossed over to the big leagues and has nowhere to go but up. “The Rhythm,” symbolizes yet another clever inclusion to the fascinating movement he’s brought to the world.

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