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Bubba Brothers Speak With Us About Their Ibiza Tour, New Music, Goals For The Future & More!

Bubba Brothers keep surprising their audience with new material, incredible live performances, and exciting new projects. Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos, otherwise known as Bubba Brothers are ready to take their success to the next level. Following the release of their EP ‘Basstribe’ the powerful duo will take their hard-hitting live show to the iconic Ibiza to mark a tour around important venues. We sat down with them to ask more about these tour dates and their hopes for the tour and the near future.

Hello Bubba Brothers, how are you? 
Hi all good :), thank you for this opportunity.

You’ve recently released a really impressive new EP, how has the reception for ‘Basstribe’ been so far? 
Unbelievable. We managed to have 2 tracks, “Bass” and “Tribe” featured on Beatport’s Top 40… and they are still in the Top as we speak…so yes, a massive thank you to all our friends and fans that made this possible.  

What keeps you excited and inspired to release new music? 
Normally it’s just life, daily events as we go by. 

You’ve scheduled a new tour, what’s the best part about performing live? 
The best part is the adrenaline that comes with sharing music with many people and feel that you give them some joy at least for some hours, and they forget about all trouble and just enjoy the moment. No higher feeling than that. 

Your upcoming tour covers dates at iconic venues in Ibiza, what would you say makes Ibiza so special? 
Ibiza is the island of love and music. Is where everything happens. There is no place like this in the world. All DJs dream of playing there, it’s the champions league!

Can you tell us more about each scheduled date? 
This coming Sunday, the 18th, we will be in Es Paradis one of the most epic spots in Ibiza and we will be playing after midnight, Monday we will be playing live at 6 pm at Ibiza Sonica Radio so that is really an exciting challenge and last but not least, Tuesday we will be playing on a pre party schedule at epic Tantra…can’t wait to arrive there…lol 🙂 

What can people expect from this shows? 
You can expect that we leave our heart and soul on each gig…we are known for giving everything we have at every gig. So, here it’s going to be the same. We’re all going on a fast and furious musical journey…just come and see it for yourself

We learned you are also celebrating your anniversary in Ibiza, how has your career changed since you first started performing and producing music? 
In every way. We had so many milestones and achievements in the last 2 years that this has been a very intense and successful ride so far…so we are very grateful for that and we work hard to make it happen every day. 

What would you like to achieve in the next few years? 
Play in the biggest festivals in Europe, like Tomorrowland, Sónar, etc, etc. And then, Ultra in the States of course…so dreaming is for free and everything is possible. 

Something to say to your fans? 
We love you guys and keep supporting us, we’ll do everything we can to continue to be worthy of your trust. Thank you. 

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