Budding Tech House Duo No Thanks Burns Through Their First-Ever EP ‘High’!

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Budding Tech House Duo No Thanks Burns Through Their First-Ever EP ‘High’!

The going has been good for tech house upstarts No Thanks, the burgeoning duo based out of Vancouver. In the last half-year, the boys have made strong strides with the bubbling project by diving headlong into a couple of ill-mannered grooves for Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION. Their introduction first arrived on the third installment of the label’s ‘Rotate’ compilation, a sleek number marking their first bona fide single after trying their hands at a couple of remixes at the beginning. Then, they quickly followed up the effort with a body-moving collab ‘Like This’ alongside the then-newly announced house project Glass Petals.

The boys are now doubling down with the impending release of their very own two-tracker by the name of ‘High‘. On the title cut, they spark up a dizzying low-slung number laced with choppy basslines and a plume of dank slides and stabs. On the flip side, they hit us with a hefty rhythm on ‘Okay’, a shuffling cut centered around a robust horn lead and intermittent bleeps and bloops filling the gaps between the looped vocal calling out the track’s namesake. Across both cuts, No Thanks bangs out two club-oriented offerings that kick all forms of politeness to the curb.

“This is our first EP and we’re super grateful to be working together with such a fantastic team at IN / ROTATION,” says No Thanks. “They really see the potential in our sound, believe in our vision, and aren’t afraid to release music that is different. It’s a label that definitely sets trends in the world of house music.”

Despite it being the duo’s first foray at constructing a proper EP, No Thanks has risen to the occasion with seemingly tremendous ease. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before they’re lighting up the international circuit with their pharmaceutical-grade grooves.

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