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BYOR Asks You To Dance With His New Tech House Single ‘Say Yes’!

Rising star BYOR releases his dancefloor-friendly new single “Say Yes” on Spinnin’ Records, an end-of-summer anthem perfect for those late-season festivals. He opens with a sultry question, “If I asked you to dance, would you say yes?” as if teasing the crowd with what’s to come; the talented DJ and producer then seamlessly weaves in a tech house beat with strong kickdrums and rising cymbals, topping it all off with funky melodies that give listeners no choice but to get down and groove. No matter what BYOR asks us to get moving, with this beat, the answer will always be “yes.”

The story behind the single and its title is that every DJ dreams of the same thing – a huge dancefloor filled with a responsive crowd. But even the most confident DJs, since they are all human beings, have complexes, echoes of doubts, and uncertainty. In my head, every set begins with a silent question that I’d like to ask the crowd  – if I ask you to dance, would you say “Yes“? All doubts are dispelled instantly when I see the answer is ‘Yes!” – BYOR

Since 2020, BYOR has made a household name for himself on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom and AFTR:HRS labels with releases such as “Feel That Way’,” “Keep On Dancin’,” and more. After listening to his tracks, it’s clear that BYOR makes his own rules to the game of life and music, with his style ranging from tech house to big room and more. BYOR had his breakthrough moment this year in February with “Belly Dancer” with Imanbek, which has already clocked up 100M streams on Spotify alone since its release and became a recognizable dancefloor filler. Keep an eye out for more from BYOR coming soon.

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