Castor & Pollux Are Back With Anthemic Single ‘Enter The World’!

Only just 14 days after their previous release, ‘Infected’ with DMTR, NYC-based twin DJ and producer duo Castor & Pollux are back once again with another anthem production. This time, they’ve treated us to a powerful new track titled ‘Enter The World’, out now on Navage Recordings.

Seeing that quarantine and lockdown is still the normality around the globe, ‘Enter The World’ is yet another track from this emerging duo that gets you thinking about being back at the main stage of any festival. This single is sure to get you remembering those sit down moments when you are getting ready for the pyro to go off as you jump in the air wishing you are back with your crew having the time of your life. There may be a lot of time before you’re able to hear it at a music festival, but rest assured the drop will give you the dose of watching your favorite live streams as you dance along.

“As two guys that love big room, we’ve been following the genre since it started in early 2013 and seeing how it has evolved 7 years later, we brought a new school feel to the drop. We still want to give those 2013 vibes, but we think with this record we really found our step with this sound of big room house that we want to continue to bring to our listeners. We hope everyone enjoys it and we will definitely bring more of this sound to future projects. We also want to give a big shoutout to Navage Recordings for believing in this track!”Castor & Pollux 

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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