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CharlieWonder Ends The Year With The Amazing ‘No Doubt’!

At just 13 years old, CharlieWonder opened his artistic journey with the release of his debut single, ‘Easy To Love’, in 2020. He would go on to take things to the next level in 2021 with the release of 3 more amazing singles, making 2021 his most important year yet. Now at 16 years old, the American artist would take a behind-the-scenes approach to his music, working tirelessly in the studio to keep his amazing streak of releases continuing and he does just that as he closes out the year with his first release of 2022, ‘No Doubt’.

After listening to this track, you’ll have ‘No Doubt’ about the hard work and talent that this 15-year-old artist holds. For this single, CharlieWonder aims for an instantly memorable and catchy single and he certainly delivers just that, making a singalong track that you’ll have repeating in your head for the days and weeks ahead. A terrific vocal performance is delivered as the American backs those vocals with the perfect instrumental and melodies that help each other shine. With singalong vocals, playful synths, and infectious grooves plenty, this one is yet another showcase of the talents of CharlieWonder and why you should keep a close eye on him in the new year.

Stream this single below.

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