Chemical Surf And Kaskade Release New Song ‘Solta a Pressão’!

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Chemical Surf And Kaskade Release New Song ‘Solta a Pressão’!

After hitting 10 million streams on their latest collaboration, ‘Pow Pow Pow’, Kaskade and Chemical Surf are back with yet another explosive track. Combining the Brazilian sound of cuíca with the creativity and particularities of the two projects, ‘Solta a Pressão’ has been a secret weapon in both of the artists’ sets.

The music transports us to an energetic vibe, with all the Brazilianness present in the beat and vocals of Osvaldinho da Cuíca. The brothers and producers fully immerse themselves in the national culture by honoring Osvaldo Barro, one of the greatest exponents of Samba, who won the title of “Ambassador Nato do Samba Paulista” in 1974 and back in the time performed alongside Yoko Ono, Living Color and Rolling Stones.

Lucas and Hugo Sanches developed a surprising turn point with this Brazilian instrument as the main element. The unmistakable resonance of the cuíca and the desire for people outside Brazil to become familiar with this national sound were the main guides for this production.

As if so many relevant points in this release were not enough, Kaskade says that: “There’s something about the call and response of the rhythm in this one that is pure club fire. We have you taken care of if you need heat for the summer festival months ahead. My Brazilian brothers Chemical Surf and I have teamed up again and it’s about time to share it with the world!”.

Be sure to follow Chemical Surf‘s Instagram profile @chemicalsurf to keep an eye on the duo’s release schedule and check out ‘Solta a Pressão’ on all digital platforms. platforms.

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