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Cheyne Christian Brings Us A Special Episode Of ‘Sneaker Dancing Radio’ On NYE 2022!

Ringing in the new year is a cause for celebration worldwide, and DJs have the imaginable task of giving us the soundtrack for those celebrations. With so much to think about, it can be a challenging task to both bring a vibe and atmosphere worthy of such an occasion but one DJ who certainly has the talents and skills to do so is Cheyne Christian as he offers up the latest episode of his ‘Sneaker Dancing Radio’ on new years eve 2022.

With years of experience, talent, music making, and collecting under his belt, Cheyne Christian is the perfect DJ to be bringing us the soundtrack for NYE, and with this episode of ‘Sneaker Dancing Radio‘ he treats us to almost 2 hours of perfect house tunes. Perfectly crafted to be the soundtrack to kick off the party while also capable of ending it on a high, this episode of ‘Sneaker Dancing Radio’ is yet another gem from an artist that keeps on giving.

Steam this mix below.

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