Chico Rose Talks 2020, Streaming Success, Deeper Music, And More!

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Chico Rose Talks 2020, Streaming Success, Deeper Music, And More!

Following an impressive string of releases in 2020, Chico Rose closed off an eventful year with his brand new single ‘Do It Like Me’. Featuring a cool 80’s vibe and the sultry vocals of B-Case, it’s a tune that seems made to highlight playlists in the most sensual way. An exciting next step in Chico Rose’s continuously evolving sound, it’s out now on Mentalo Music. We had the pleasure of talking to Chico Rose about this new track and more.

Let’s kick it off with ‘Do It Like Me’, how happy are you with the finished product and its home on Spinnin’ Records/Mentalo Music?
“It was amazing to work with B-Case on this song! We are really happy with the end result. It’s my first time releasing on Robin Schulz’s label and I’m happy with the results so far!”

This single, although it includes your infectious slap house style, it also showcases a deeper, vocal-driven style that we haven’t heard much from you. How enjoyable was it to branch out into this style of music?
“I really enjoy making more deeper songs. That’s what I’m focusing more on lately. I think it really worked out well on ‘Do It Like Me’.”

Although 2020 was not a normal year, you seemed to shine through with a lot of notable releases. When all of dance music live shows seemed to freeze in March, did you have a plan to dominate the streaming platforms with your releases?
“Thanks! Actually, there was no plan at all. I never thought my covers of ‘Sad’ and ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ would blow up like this. I’m really grateful for all the support I get!”

Speaking of 2020, you released a total of 11 tracks. How did you manage to keep up such a high output of releases?
“Wow! I didn’t even know i released 11 songs this year.. I don’t know actually. I was going with the flow and the songs just came. I spent a lot of time in the studio during the lockdown. Thanks to my team we got everything planned very well.”

Moving into 2021, and a possible vaccine leading to the return to live shows, do you have a plan to keep fans across the world satisfied with new music along with getting back to touring?
“I’m going to do the same as I already did. Release a lot of music. More club music coming too from January! I’m also doing a contest together with Spinnin’ Records. Young producers can finish my track and win a official release on Spinnin’ Records.”

When full touring returns, is there a city or country you are most excited about returning to?
“Tokyo for sure! I really love the vibe there. Can’t wait to be back!”

Speaking on productions, you’ve modernised classics such as ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ and ‘Show Me Love’. What other classics would you like to put your touches on?
“I’m not sure yet. Sometimes I just hear a old song and the ideas begin to flow. I’m really happy I’m able to work on these covers and release them. I’m focusing more on originals lately.”

Ending the interview, do you have any 2021 releases coming that you might want to announce with our followers? 😉
 “Yes! A lot… That’s all I can say for now :)”

Stream Chico‘s new single and more in the playlist below.

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