Chris Callovar Opens His 2022 Catalog With The Amazing ‘Stay With Me’!

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Chris Callovar Opens His 2022 Catalog With The Amazing ‘Stay With Me’!

Chris Callovar is an emerging India-based producer who specializes in progressive house music. He made his debut in 2019 with the release of ‘Melodika’, a single which perfectly showcased his style of music and would act as the building block for what is to come. As you can hear from his releases since then, he is recognized for his nostalgic progressive sounds that have a romantic touch. Having impressed in 2021 with 3 top-class releases, 2022 proved to be a big year for Chris Callovar as he took a step further in his career by becoming the Founder & COO of Creativ Records, a role where he is certain to thrive.

This does not take him away from his own studio and now Chris Callovar is back on our new music feeds with the amazing ‘Stay With Me’. Much like his previous releases, Chris Callovar manages to balance both emotion and energy perfectly, creating a peak-time anthem that is sure to get the hairs on your back standing up. This single truly has it all, from energetic rolling basslines to powerful uplifting synths, beautiful vocals, chords, and arps that tell a romantic tale, this single is what a global crowd favorite sounds like.

Stream this single below and on all other streaming platforms here.

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