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Chris Wayfarer Gets Us Moving With New Single ‘Ludwig Loves To Dance’ ft. Felix Reuter!

In terms of stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing sounds that are different from your usual style, and working with artists of all musical genres to create a piece of music that could last a lifetime is the hallmarks of a great producer. Step in Chris Wayfarer, as he brings us the brilliant ‘Ludwig Loves To Dance’, teaming up with classical pianist Felix Reuter in the process. A house music producer from Germany, Chris Wayfarer is always wanting to step outside the box to create something special and his latest single is no different.

Inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s ‘Piano Sonata No. 31’, Chris takes a house tempo with kicks and cymbals and builds on it, letting Felix showcase his exceptional skills with a piano as he delights us with wonderful melodies. As the single progresses, Chris adds more and more electronic elements to compliment the piano and it works wonders. The slower-than-usual house tempo plays into this one perfectly, as it gives us that chill vibe yet you know you want to dance once you hear it. An amazing piece of music, we hope this isn’t the last time Chris Wayfarer and Felix Reuter combine.

Stream this single below.

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