Cloudnone And Direct Release New Single ‘Told U’!

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Cloudnone And Direct Release New Single ‘Told U’!

CloudNone & Direct have linked once again for a euphoric downtempo single out now via Monstercat. The two have connected many times on previous releases, consistently delivering fan-favorites to their ever-expanding core audiences. ‘Told U’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms. 

Last collaborating on their July ‘Further’ release, the two make a prominent pair, playing off each other’s chilled out, emotive sensibilities. Leaning on a distinct pitched down vocal, and a pulsating bassline, the single opens with an extensive build, crescendoing with a subdued drop. Key synth stabs are introduced midway through the single, inducing a hypnotic state, intensifying throughout the duration of the release. Trance sensibilities are moved to the forefront as the track progresses, reaching an inevitable climax at the two-minute mark. 

We discussed how this song reminds us of our early days discovering electronic music. We both reminisced on night-time car rides with friends and our first teenage freedoms spent exploring the world on our own and the senses of adventure that evoked‘ – CloudNone

For me personally, it brought back adventures into NYC alone and the freedom and wonder that brought; late-night bus rides to the city from my small town and the feelings of excitement that brought’ – Direct

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