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CLRBLND. Makes A Lasting Impression With Debut Single ‘Falling Back’!

When it comes to releasing their debut single, many artists can get overwhelmed by the pressure, leading to them making a lackluster first impression. The same cannot be said about CLRBLND., as he makes the perfect first impression with the release of his debut single ‘Falling Back’.

Taking on the new year with a brand new project, Michael Bolland, going by the name of CLRBLND., is an electronic dance music producer, singer, and songwriter from Denver, Colorado. 1 half of the ever-rising duo Who’s Calling, CLRBLND. is certainly no stranger to the dance music scene, and with his talents and ear for something unique, he is destined to make this new project a successful one.

Kicking it off, CLRBLND. unveils the debut single for this project titled ‘Falling Back’, a track that encapsulates deep house elements with the addition of his soothing vocals flowing through the verses and melodic guitar riffs throughout the chorus. Making the vocals center of attention for the breakdown makes this an instantly gripping single. CLRBLND. backs those vocals up with amazing melodies and synths to match the tone, making for a tremendous single. The single is then topped off perfectly for each drop as he utilizes those vocals in a unique way to make them synth-like, while they are accompanied by authentic-sounding electronic elements and a driving bassline carrying the rhythm.

Stream this single below.

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