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Cody Chase Talks ADE Debut, Unplanned Gigs, And the Unique Artistry Of A Genre-Bending DJ!

Cody Chase shares the thrill of his first Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) experience, finding the city and industry open and welcoming. With unplanned gigs turning into opportunities, Cody discusses his unique DJ style that blends techno, groove, tech house, and bass, emphasizing the importance of diverse sets. Exploring the challenge of developing a distinctive sound, he highlights the need for continual growth as an artist. Juggling music with business and celebrating fatherhood, Cody teases future collaborations and hints at an exciting 2024 with upcoming projects and meetings.

Hey Cody, it’s your first time attending ADE, what are your first impressions?

It’s awesome. This is my first time in Amsterdam, and I absolutely love the city. I found that the industry is a lot more open than I expected, very welcoming. And I had a chat with a lot of people who it’s not their first time and they said this is the busiest year yet.

Have you got a chance to enjoy the city or has it been full ADE?

It’s been fully ADE, I showed up here to do one gig and I’ve kind of played my way into four. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to play for a radio station and people enjoyed my set so much that I got invited to play tonight and I’m gonna get invited to play again tomorrow.

How do you prepare for these sets that appear out of the blue?

I have enough confidence in my DJ ability and the playlists that I’ve put together in the past that I kind judge if it feels sort of like a gig from a couple weeks ago, why don’t I grab some records from there? When I’m playing, I’m also shooting from the hip a lot.

As a DJ do you prefer to have something prepared or play on the fly?

I have a very interesting play style. In my ideal environment, I get to play on four decks. I’d like to say I’m a DJ that producers hate. Because I’ll take someone’s record and pull it apart. I’ll take the kick from one song and a baseline from another, vocals on the third and the drums from the fourth, put it all together in a smooth mix. I haven’t seen people doing that a lot so I feel like it’s a very unique, hyperactive play style but it’s cool. I feel like I’m developing a new genre where it’s an amalgamation of techno, groove, tech house and bass. So to me the perfect set has three or four moments where the audience sings a song back to you, something that they know.

It sounds like you’ve got a diverse style, do you take that same approach with your music?

I think so. You know, productions, it’s been, I don’t want to say a challenge but it’s been just interesting because like I said, my sound that I’ve been trying to develop is, certainly not hard techno definitely not melodic techno, it’s not pure tech house either, so it’s a whole mix.

How important is it for you to grow and evolve as an artist as time goes on?

I mean you have to evolve because if you stay continuing to do the same thing, sure, you’re gonna capture a segment of audience but you’re gonna spook so many other people. I mean, as an artist, you have to grow, you have to evolve, you have to change, not necessarily with the style or the times but with your abilities. The more you produce, the better you get, the cooler tricks that you can do you.

You’ve not yet released any collaborations, is that a deliberate thing?

I live in my own do your own thing kind of lifestyle. I just had a son 10 weeks ago. [Congratulations]. I also am a very busy guy. I run a few other businesses outside of the music industry and I’m still putting 40-50 hours a week in music, another 20-30 hours into other businesses. So it’s just time. I think I’ll have a couple of collab projects coming out of ADE but for the most part, it’s just easier when I can jump in and not have to wait.

Would you have a dream collab?

So my absolute favorite guy in music period is Carl Cox.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, do you have anything coming up in the next few months to announce?

When 2024 starts we are going hard. We have a couple of meetings lined up, not stuff that I can talk about yet but 2024 is lining up to be a wild fucking year.

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