Conner Laurent Opens His Catalog For 2021 With The Sick New Release ‘Save Me’!

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Conner Laurent Opens His Catalog For 2021 With The Sick New Release ‘Save Me’!

Ever since he made his debut with the impressive ‘Obscurity’ in 2019, Conner Laurent has been dazzling us with a flurry of incredible releases, including 2019’s ‘Electric Heart’ and 2020’s ‘Runaway’. Now following on from his final single of 2020 ‘Mission’, Conner Laurent keeps up his streak of releasing anthems with his 2021 debut, ‘Save Me’.

Conner Laurent is an American artist on the rise these past 2 years. When it comes to impressive debuts and the perfect first impressions, along with keeping the high expectations met, Conner Laurent has been releasing a constant slew of high-quality singles that has seen him gain popularity across the globe. Mostly working within the main room EDM scene, Conner Laurent makes tracks that send you to another level of euphorbia while also being packed with the power to shake your sound system.

Making his 2021 debut with ‘Save Me’, Conner Laurent kicks the single off with a simple but effective kick and bass line combo that sets the tone for a pulsating single. It doesn’t take long for the American artist to head towards the first drop and it does not disaapoiunbt as an infectious yet powerful synth and melody is introduced backed by the previously mentioned hard hitting kick and bass combo. Conner Laurent showcases a quite melodic side for the break down with lovely female vocals that grab your attention before he heads back towards that powerful second drop. Another smashing single, Conner Laurent is definitely one to watch.

Stream this single below.

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