Cosmic Pillow Party Unveils Sick New Remix Of ‘Chaos’ By MUST DIE!

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Cosmic Pillow Party Unveils Sick New Remix Of ‘Chaos’ By MUST DIE!

Remix contests hold a lot of value in the electronic dance scene and when done correctly, they can not only parachute the winner’s career but the careers of many who download the stems and put their touches onto proceedings. With over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 400,000 followers on Facebook & Instagram combined, MUST DIE! takes the attention away from himself and puts it only the remixers as he opens up his own remix contest for his 2019 bomb ‘Chaos’.

In steps Cosmic Pillow Party to take this single and put his own spin on it. Launched in 2020, Cosmic Pillow Party is a brand new project focusing on genres within the bass and house zones. The emerging artist had previously impressed with his remix of ‘Gold’ by Koven and 1 month later he is returning with some more fire. Showcasing his diversity, Cosmic Pillow Party follows up on his previous heaven trap remix to drop a massive trap bomb with his new remix of ‘Chaos‘.

Cosmic Pillow Party makes this nuclear with this remix. Taking the stems and keeping some of the original vibes, Cosmic Pillow Party manages to somehow turn up the heat as he flips the dubstep single into a hard-hitting trap anthem. The high tempo compliments each original stem used as he builds towards each drop, with both drops being so powerful and unique that you can’t help but keep listening. The speaker-shaking kicks are blended with addictive topline synths, making this a worthy contender for the contest winner.

Stream this single below.

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