Csame Brings Emotion With Brand New Single ‘Sinners’!

Csame Brings Emotion With Brand New Single ‘Sinners’!

Although he only started to release music in 2020, UK producer Csame is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. He first began producing in 2016, watching YouTube videos and working tirelessly on his sound and skills every chance he got. With that hard work certainly came skill and talent, and with his big passion for dance music, Csame was ready to take on the world, debuting the awesome ‘Does He Please You’. Since then, he has gone on to deliver a massive string of releases, most notably ‘In The Dark’ alongside BAF, a single that would rack up over 150,000 streams.

Now appearing for what is his 8th release of 2022, Csame brings us ‘Sinners’. A dynamic single that showcases the deep house style that we’ve come to love from this British artist, ‘Sinners’ uses a slower-than-usual tempo for this one as Csame aims for an emotional and moving vibe on this one. Tremendous male vocals take center stage for the majority of this production but the subtle and massively complementing synths and sounds that he backs them up with really make this single shine.

“The story behind ‘Sinners’ talks about those late-night drives where you reflect on arguments with someone you love. Imagine you’re driving home late at night, stuck in traffic and it’s raining and thundering, that’s the kind of emotion this song portrays.” says Csame

Stream this single below.

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