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Cyazon Returns With Hard Hitting Single ‘Artificial Tears’ Alongside Becko!

Cyazon strikes back with yet another hard-hitting banger. He teams up once more with talented musician, producer, and vocalist Becko to bring forward ‘Artificial Tears’ a futuristic track that showcases Cyazon’s style and promises to maintain the gates open to his futuristic, cyberpunk and dystopian music world.

Following a previous collaboration between these two talented artists, ‘Netrunner’ an energetic track that was released via FiXT, they introduce their latest production ‘Artificial Tears’ and put it out to the world via the same label. Cyazon has kept busy between producing new music, collaborating on new projects, and curating fresh mixes for his hit radio show ‘Cyber Future’.

‘Artificial Tears’ starts off with a strong with a grandiose sound and vibe that persists throughout the song. A revving bass gets the listener’s attention, while glitching synths and elements complete the soundscape. A hard-hitting beat made up of heavy drums keep the rhythm. Then, growling basslines follow the drop, only to find a moment for a small interlude creating a mysterious moment. This break for suspense, is supported by airy pads, and sonic textures that mark a moment in the song; to then have Becko take the lead again and guide the listener to the next part of the journey. ‘Artificial Tears’ features Becko’s vocals and its signature sound, mixed with arpeggiated synths as sonic layers that add a technologic/futuristic texture and vibe.

The song drops again and again to growling bass and glitching sounds that give the sensation of a glitch in the matrix. Energetic song that showcases Cyazon’s dexterous style that combines futuristic and dystopian aesthetics that builds a music world of its own with every release.

Be sure to follow Cyazon’s latest endeavors as he continues to push the limits and show off his skills as one of the most innovative DJs and producers out there.

‘Artificial Tears’ is out now and available in major online stores and streaming platforms.

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