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Cyazon Talks About His Year So Far, What’s To Come, Dream Collabs & More!

Cyazon comes from a successful stream of releases and growth for his hit weekly radio show ‘Cyber Future’; and while he shows no signs of stopping after releasing his latest hard-hitting productions, he prepares for the next step on his release schedule. The remarkable DJ and producer has found a way of showcasing his signature style that mixes a powerful sound with a futuristic vibe, creating a world of its own and catching the attention of listeners all over the world. While Cyazon prepares to release his next hit, we sat down with him to ask more about this year so far, what happened and what’s coming.

Hello Cyazon, how are you?
Good, thanks!

2022 has been a busy year for you so far, can you tell us more about your time working in the studio for upcoming and recent releases?
Currently, I have enough releases for the end of the year. I have a release on July 13th. Other than that, nothing is planned yet as my team and I are currently pitching to labels for the other releases. A few collaborations are to be released for next year too.

You recently released two collaborations with Becko; ‘Artificial Tears’ and ‘Netrunner’. How did the idea of collaborating with him come about?
The 2 songs called for a more aggressive male vocal, so I knew Becko would be the right fit for both songs.

What inspired ‘Artificial Tears’?
I feel like when I was writing it, a song called ‘Dreams’ by Nero and Zhu inspired the main reverbed synth melody during the choruses. Something else that inspired the song was a balcony scene in Blade. Runner 2049.

What inspired ‘Netrunner’?
From my memory, I wanted to make something heavy yet glitchy/futuristic sounding at the time so I don’t think anything in particular inspired that song.

What would you like to achieve with upcoming releases?
More streams with my upcoming release on July 13th on the Bass Rebels label. I would also like to get three songs placed on a well-known label like Ophelia, Heaven Sent, or similar.

Your radio show ‘Cyber Future’ is becoming increasingly popular, what are new milestones you’d like to achieve with your show?
I would say bringing on bigger artists to do a guest mix for the show.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
These are way out there, but The Weeknd, Nero, Seven Lions, and probably a few more I can’t think of on top of my head.

What are you currently working on?
Currently working on new music, and experimenting with synth-pop as well as the usual dubstep.

Are there any special releases coming up?
Nothing special lined up just yet, but a lot of music waiting to get placed on labels and collaborations in progress.

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