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Cyberwalker And Skykot Link Up On Stunning 8-Track Album ‘Skywalk’!

Although it is highly likely for two artists to come together in the studio and release one or more singles together, it’s only on a rare occasion that we get to hear a full-length album from two producers who have shared the studio. Two friends teaming up and taking that rare occasion and delivering it right to our new music feeds are Cyberwalker and Skykot as they deliver a stunning 8-track album titled ‘Skywalk’.

It was only last year in 2021 that Cyberwalker brought us his second album in the form of ‘Essence Of Life’ and it seems that he has not slowed down since then, linking up with Skykot for the first time on his third album in 3 years. Packed with multiple electronic goodies, this one is gift-wrapped perfectly for fans of electronic music to enjoy.

The album kicks off with ‘Pulses’ and this sets the tone for what’s to come. ‘Vis a Vis’, ‘A Million Feelings’, and ‘Fantastic Views’ come up next and as we listen we can’t help but feel we are being brought on a journey. A journey through sound, Cyberwalker and Skykot expertly craft each single to flow into the next and while they do sound somewhat similar each track has its own identity. The second half of this album is made up of ‘Remote from Reality’, ‘Hypnotic Memories’, ‘Red Shift’, and the final track, ‘Cosmic Seas’ closing it out perfectly. Proving to be a match made in heaven these two artists have created a gem with this one.

Stream this album below and grab your copy here.

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