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Daniel Draghici Showcases Incredible Skills With Fresh New Mix, ‘Love Is In The House’!

With the advancement in technology, many DJs have decided to leave behind the art of mixing on the fly and going for more prerecorded mixes with the aim to be synced more closely to the lights and pyrotechnics. One DJ keeping the old school style of mixing is Romanian up and comer Daniel Draghici. For the past 3 years, Daniel Draghici has been uploading mixes to his Soundcloud page and from day 1, you can see his growth. Although he took a break for 3 years between his most recent upload, the talent and creativity is still there.

For his latest mix, Daniel Draghici channels his romantic side, by playing and mixing his favorite electronic tracks with a tone of romance. He sets the tone nicely by opening the mix with ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye. After he has nicely set the tone with the previously mentioned single, he then seamlessly switches it up onto his electronic side and the mix only gets better from here. Seamless transitions and awesome music are the main attraction of this mix and once you start listening you cannot stop. 1 hour and 24 minutes of pure bliss, press play and let the mixing of Daniel Draghici take you away.

Stream this mix below.

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