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Daniel Fowler Unleashes New Electro-Pop Single ‘The Wolf Den’!

From Guitar Hero enthusiast to DJ/producer, UK-born Daniel Fowler grew up in Malaysia and Hong Kong and was influenced at an early age by classic pop/rock, heavy metal, rap, and retro ’90s’ video games. Due to this, Daniel throws genres and predictability out the window to delight audiences with plump basslines, flush chords, and cheeky glitches. This versatility, along with his talent, can be heard on his brand new single, ‘The Wolf Den’, which is his 4th release of the year.

This single is a captivating electro-pop dance track that unleashes an exhilarating fusion of pulsating beats and infectious melodies. With its hypnotic synths and energetic rhythms, the song invites listeners to dive into a sonic realm where the dancefloor becomes a wild and electrifying “Wolf Den.” Get ready to lose yourself in a whirlwind of euphoria as this track takes you on a vibrant and unforgettable musical journey.

Stream this single below.

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